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What you get is real savings!

Low control fuel programs can lead to a slippage rate as high as 15% of your total fuel consumption. This can increase your Aggregate Fuel Cost by as much as $.30 cents per gallon over the price paid at the pump.

Inefficient fueling systems can add another $.20 - $.40 cents per gallon attributed to labor expense and lost productivity. Every minute an employee is on the clock increases your labor expense and effects your profit production. We can reduce these factors, saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year.
We provide prospective customers a complimentary Aggregate Fuel Cost Analysis™ which will help you understand what your existing fuel purchasing program is really costing you.


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Fleet Fueling News
Quality, Trusted Lubricants from Gulf - Monday, October 08, 2012


Gulf takes great pride in the expansive lubricant product line that is available to its customers. Gulf's offering has evolved over the years, and more recently has been the subject of a complete renovation.

There is now products suitable for use in virtually every type of vehicle machine. Gulf Lubricants at CMP have the products to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for the highest performance products, or a more economical and robust option suitable for older equipment, Gulf can supply it. You can be certain that each Gulf product is made to exacting quality standards. Protect your heavy equipment and engine investments today with one of the top lubricants on the market.

CMP has the full Gulf line available and provides deliveries in bulk, drums, buckets and cases.

Our vast inventory selection provides us the ability to service:
• Commercial transport services
• Lite passenger engine oils
• General industrial products
• Off highway and construction
• Agriculture and forestry

as well as a wide range of oil and water based products used in metal fabrication.

Christoff Mitchell Fleet Fueling Teams with PowerUp Fleet - Monday, October 01, 2012

PowerUp Fleet provides a variety of services related to the sales, marketing, management, automation, and accounting of commercial fleet fueling operations.

With over 25 years of petroleum related marketing and management experience, we offer a comprehensive understanding of your business needs. The landscape of commercial fueling is continually changing. Fleet customers are becoming more sophisticated, requiring marketers to improve their sales, support, and product delivery processes.

Christoff Mitchell Petroleum is constantly finding ways to service their customers better, so partnering with PowerUp Fleet to achieve that goal was an easy decision.

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